‌‌Our mission is enabling the most unexpected global, cross-industry B2B collaborations.

Otium Circle is a network of vetted luxury brands and those that want to collaborate with them.

Embark on a 1hr trip around the world meeting founders and CEOs at our virtual events. Deepen your relationships at our physical events. Download the app to get a flavour of the network and get in touch with us.



We have perfected our unique process to vet new members and we pride ourselves in the quality of our community.


We create fun, all-day, face-to-face events in Europe every 6 months and virtual events globally every three weeks to introduce members and deepen relationships.


We know our members well so we can match-make them based on their collaboration requirements, for example entering a new market or sector. We keep track of collaborations and can help administer referral payments.


Access the network through your own profile on the Otium Circle app. Offer your unique products and experiences via this emerging digital sales platform.
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